get Hadoop metric with jmx

JMX is widely used in Java world to stream metrics and KPIs.

In Hadoop, the most used JMX is on the NameNode :


This provides an overview of all the things accessible through JMX :

JMX Hadoop metrics JMX Overview

You can have a list of all metrics provided by JMX :*

JMX Hadoop metrics

And you can finally (which is very useful if you’re looking at something very specific) get a specific metric when specifying the bean name and the attribute :


For example, if we want to get the CapacityUsed found here :

JMX find metric

Then we’ll call JMX with MXBeanName = Hadoop:service=NameNode,name=FSNamesystemState and AttributeName set to CapacityUsed

So we call,name=FSNamesystemState::CapacityUsed

JMX CapacityUsed

So, what do you think ?

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