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Your virtual cluster on your machine

Playing with HDP sandbox is cool. This is a quick way to see how things are going, try some Hive requests, and so on.

At one time, you may want to build your own virtual cluster on your machine : several virtual machines, making a “real” cluster to have something closest to reality.

Of course you can start from scratch, but there’s a quickest and easiest way : playing with structor.

Structor is a project hosted by Hortonworks, based on Vagrant (basically a tool who plays with VMs on VirtualBox or VMWare, dealing with OS images) and there’s a lot of forks for its functionalities to grow.
I based my stuff on Andrew Miller’s fork, with some minor modifications.

Ok, let’s start with getting structor :

~$ mkdir Repository && cd Repository
Repository~ $ git clone

This will create a structor directory in which you’ll find basically a Vagrantfile which contains everything to build your cluster !
You just have to specify aa HDP version, an Ambari version and a profile name to build the corresponding cluster.

For building my 3-nodes cluster, I just type

structor~ $ ./ambari-cluster hdp-2.1.3 ambari-1.6.1 3node-full

In the ./profiles directory you’ll find some predefined profiles : 1node-min, 1node-full, 3node-min and 3node-full, feel free to create and submit some other profiles, but remember that your VMs will need some memory to be usable ! I put 2GB for each VM, so a 3-nodes cluster will take 6GB (7GB with a proxy VM)

I added some slight modifications for VirtualBox VMs to be named as their configuration so you can have multiple ambari-clusters in VirtualBox.

Things you have to know :

1. add the hosts on /etc/hosts on your Linux or Mac, or the equivalent on Windows (look at the doc on my github)

2. the private key is stored in each VM

3. to ssh in a machine, cd to your structor directory and do a vagrant ssh HOSTNAME

structor~ $ vagrant ssh gw
Loading profile /Users/ledel/Repository/structor/profiles/3node.profile
Last login: Tue Mar 10 12:12:38 2015 from
Welcome to your Vagrant-built virtual machine.

[vagrant@gw ~]$

4. to suspend the cluster, just

structor~ $ vagrant suspend


to wake the cluster up :

structor~ $ vagrant up



5. To copy files from/to your local machine, the current Vagrant folder is shared with each VM on /vagrant

Enjoy !