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set date and time in VirtualBox

If you set date manually in your VirtualBox VM, datetime reset to the host date.

This behaviour is caused by VirtualBox Guest Additions, so you first need to stop that service :

sudo service vboxadd-service stop

You’ll then be able to change the date

date --set="8 Apr 2016 18:00:00"

bash profile for quick launch a VirtualBox instance

When testing Hadoop on virtual machines, you usually have to launch instances in VirtualBox and open a terminal to ssh in.

Since you only need a terminal and not these VirtualBox windows, you may update your .bash_profile like

$ cat ~/.bash_profile
function hdp22() {
if [[ $1 == "start" ]];
then VBoxManage startvm "Hortonworks Sandbox with HDP 2.2 Preview" --type headless && ssh
elif [[ $1 == "stop" ]];
then VBoxManage controlvm "Hortonworks Sandbox with HDP 2.2 Preview" savestate
else echo "Usage : hdp22 start|stop";


Type source ~/.bash_profile for loading aliases without need to reboot, and you’ll just then have to type hdp22 start to launch the VM and ssh into it.

sandbox : AppTimelineServer webUI

When using the sandbox, you can be confronted to a port forwarding issue.

For example, if you try to access AppTimelineServer webUI on port 8188, you’ll have a “Connection refused”.

This is weird since the process is listening :

[root@sandbox ~]# nc -nz 8188
Connection to 8188 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

You’ll have to configure the VirtualBox port forwarding to add this port which has not been added :